Meet Mayuri Surrao, who is giving shelter to the orphans and elderly in Mumbai

Mayuri Surrao

28 year old, Mayuri Surrao,  is a social changemaker in true sense and is currently  running  an orphanage in Malad, an old age home.

Mayuri’s father was a paralysed man and she couldn’t see him suffer therefore she along with her husband decided to open an old age home. This way she started “SWAGAT ASHRAM”. She also rented a house and started running  an orphanage into it.

Earlier in 2006 Mayuri Surrao used to help in different orphanages as well as old age homes and with increasing knowledge and experience finally started one in 2009.

She started the orphanage with 5 children with a low budget of providing half kg rice, dal each day and some more little pulses. Gradually she paced well.

It has been her major belief rather a concern for all those children living in slum areas and belief that education is the only tool which can improve their standard of living. Therefore Mayuri started teaching them as well and helping them building their personalities.

People responded tremendously well. As time passed by, she got many sponsors and donors who sponsored and donated by will. She herself invested money with the support of her husband. She says: “I may suffer financially but I will not let any of my social institution suffer”

In order to make each old age member feel at home. She wants to spend as much time as she can with them and  also listened  to each one and share their grievances. Setting up her social institutions on rent was the greatest challenge she faced initially.

Mayuri Surrao’s future belief is such that she claims to say: “I will be a social worker not only till my death but after my death my children will continue with it.” 

To support Mayuri connect: 02238550925;  9220333498

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