This Doctor in Pune is offering free delivery on the birth of a girl child

Dr Ganesh Rakh

A staunch follower of the Beti Bachao Campaign, Dr Ganesh Rakh in Pune is offering free of cost delivery treatment if a girl child is born since the year 2012. Currently running a 50 bedded hospital known as Medicare Hospital Foundation, the doctor under the aegis of the organization is successfully able to deliver more than 407 deliveries of the girl child that also includes the seizure delivery.

Talking about the inspiration behind starting this great initiative he says that “As soon as the girl child is born, then in the labour room some relatives start to cry. Some relatives leave the hospital and nobody come to see the girl child and her mother. Nobody is willing to pay the bill of the hospital. The relatives from the side of mother and father quarrel with each other over the issue of who will pay the bill “. The issues such as these inspired him to start an initiative wherein if a girl child is born then they will not charge anything rather celebrates her birth by distributing sweets all across the hospital.

Since the inception of the campaign Dr. Rakh along with his team members have approached to almost 11,000 doctors all across the state of Maharashtra inorder to inspire them to become the part of the campaign and should also provide at least one free of cost delivery on the birth of the girl child . They also provoke them to not to conduct any female foeticide operations and conducted a lot of awareness drives as well as campaigns in the villages, gram panchayats, colleges, schools and the women-centric groups about the issue.

Coming from the very humble background where Dr. Rakh’s father was a coolie and his mother used to clean utensils at other people’s houses he completed his medical education through scholarships . Though it costs a lot and the hospital too had incur a lot of debt yet everything failed under the determination of Dr. Rakh who manages the costs from his own pockets. Often times people questioned him on when he will charge the bill as without that it will be difficult for him to manage the hospital.

But to all of them this is what he says “I will charge the bill only when the birth of girl child will be welcome a like birth of male child, when all relatives will be happy On the birth of girl child and will give the bill very happily, then and then only, I will Charge the bill”.

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    Nov 22, 2015 at 9:33 pm

    Very nice job done by u sir
    Lots of love and respect to u.
    It inspire us too.
    One question in my mind how u manage
    Medicine ,investigation ,bed and ot charges.
    If any complications arises how do u manage?
    Needs your feedback
    I also need your guidance to help such poor fellow.
    Till now i can help poor pt by leaving my professional fee only.

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