Delhi University: Miranda House installs digital ‘talking signages’ for blind students, here’s how it works

In a bid to make Delhi University’s campus disabled-friendly, Miranda House has installed digital talking signages in the college that helps visually challenged students figure out their way across the college. The college has put up 100 QR code acrylic sheets at various important corners like the canteen, classes, hostel rooms – places that these students visit. Principal Pratibha Jolly said that this new initiative of digital signs will make technology more accessible to blind students.

How does it work?

A student has to first download the customised app on their smartphones. The college has installed 6-inch square scan code which is one inch away from the wall. When a student holding the phone comes within three feet close to the code, a verbal message comes out that give them details regarding the location. Jolly explained how the QR code functions, “If a student wish to enter the canteen, they have to come close to the digital signage installed outside. The code will inform them that in three steps, there is a gate and directs the students on how many steps are required to enter the location.”

Both the students and teachers have been helping students to install the app on their phones.

Delhi University has taken many steps to make campus disabled friendly. There is a special bus for physically challeneged students, screen readers in the computers at the registration desk etc. But still the varsity lacks basic infrastructure to ease things for such students.

The programme is undertaken by the college’s `enabling society’ Lakshita that guide visually-challenged students around the campus, to Metro stations etc and the university’s equal opportunity cell.

This new initiative of the Miranda House seems to be a right model towards making visually-challenged students experience smooth in campus. If other colleges also install these signages, then blind students can easily roam in the campus without anyone’s help. Especially during admission season, this technology can be a boon.

Article Originally Published: Indian Express

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