Through his work he is bringing a positive change in the lives of the farmers and rural communities


“Since the time I was in college, I wanted to do something for the people belonging to the indigent pockets of the society. It was a dream, that later took the shape of this foundation”, quotes Mr. T. V. Kumar Swamy. He along with his NGO- ‘Mahatma Gandhi Rural Development and Youth Welfare Center’ based in Bangalore work towards the cause of empowering the farmers in the rural areas of 10-12 districts of Karnataka. It is truly said that the holistic development of the poor including land development, organic farming, education, health, can be achieved if the communities are self-relevant and empowered. Keeping in mind this noble vision, they started working towards educating the farmers and routing them towards a sustainable development.

Lead by a visionary , his motivated team of zealous individuals performs routine and varied tasks regarding the development of the farmers by; training the farmers regarding the use of new technologies and innovative equipment to be adopted in agriculture, generating awareness amongst the farming communities regarding soil fertility, new breeds of crops, irrigation, adopting the format of organic farming, basic knowledge on pesticides, organic compost and crop rotation, making them aware about issues pertaining to health and sanitation, safe drinking water, and watershed development, they educate the farmers regarding the loans, subsidies and government schemes available for them, allied activities like poultry, dairy farming, fishery, sericulture, goat farming etc, and they conduct workshops for farmers to teach them about the horticulture crops and conduct household surveys to gauge the living conditions of the farmers and their families.

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It is understood to a lay man that working in the rural sector with the farmers is a challenging task, as most of people are illiterate, poor and hail from agrarian families. When asked about the difficulties he has faced, Mr. Swamy said, “Factors like caste, religion, sex, politics, poor, and rich were hard to manage as they have to be tackled in a delicate manner. Non-cooperation from the people, departmental officials, and people representatives may hamper the flow of the program, hence has to be handled diligently.” He and his team work towards overcoming the hindrances like low funding, conflicts between groups based on local issues and mostly making the people understand the importance of the program.

The task at hand has been handled diligently since the past 18 years, and has impacted umpteen numbers of farmers in the rural sectors of the city and the state. When asked about his vision, Mr. Swamy remarks, “We are committed to work for the development of people in rural area and continue working in that direction. If we get any corporate funds or overseas funds we will be able to develop our own innovative methods in implementing program for the sustainable growth of the farming community.”

To join and aid in this noble deed, you can contact Mr. T. V. Kumar Swamy. at

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