This man is providing free of cost education to slum children in Vasai, Mumbai

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Mukesh Kumar, at his ‘Free school for poor’ Vasai, Mumbai  is imparting education to around 40-42 children in the slum areas of Vasai. He has rented a room where he teaches these kids every single day, since the past six months. His pedagogy also involves handicrafts, paintings, drawings and many such simplistic and artistic skills that can help them earn their livelihood so that they can be intent and self-reliant.

Mukesh was barely 18 when he had opened his first school “Jagruti’ for the underprivileged in Patna, unfortunately, the school was shut down due to various reasons. The sight of poor and illiterate children, begging and choosing odd jobs for survival, being victims of child labor and child abuse has made him come up with an idea of providing free education to hundreds and thousands of innocents across the nation.

He conceives that, If you help them with money, it will last for a day, a week or even for a month, but if you help them with education, it will be with them forever, whilst transform their life along with their future generations.

Every good cause has its own limitations, opening a school is no different.

Today, for his “Free school for poor” in Vasai, Mumbai his biggest challenge is, the revenue. In order to manage funds, he has put his hard earned money, he began taking private tuitions, contributed his pocket money, worked overtime and kept saving to support the endeavor of these kids with notebooks and pencils, erasers and all the basic stationary materials, plus we all are aware that buying a room in Mumbai ain’t no cakewalk, so he has taken loans from his own relatives and rented a room, where he can accommodate up to 50 kids. Mukesh has personally gone door to door and convinced the parents to send their wards to his education center. He had to make them understand what education means to a child and his welfare

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As hard work never goes in vain, Mukesh has had tremendous response from the parents in the slums, many of them are now willing to educate their children rather employing them for odd jobs, just because many children have gained profit from his teaching, few of them now have ambitions and goals towards the betterment of their life.

Mukesh plans to enroll 100,000 poor kids in his ‘free school for poor’, Just like the green revolution and white revolution he aims to revolutionize education for as many poor children as he can.

To support or connect with Mukesh Kumar:+919920868038

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Priyanka Kore

Hailing from the city of Mumbai, Priyanka Kore believes every human being should contribute to the betterment of our society. She is an aspiring civil service student and have a great experience of teaching in the Ngo sector.

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    Nov 13, 2015 at 1:53 am

    This is heartwarming. Only education can bring about a change……and that is the need of the hour! Thank You Mukesh Kumar. We need more like you!

      Nov 13, 2015 at 11:57 am

      Thank you Rinky for your appreciation & support.

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