Now Malls, Restaurants & Airports Can’t Overcharge For Bottled Water, Beverages, Snacks


Giving a big relief to consumers at multiplexes, malls, airports, railway stations and restaurants, the government has struck down charging anything over the maximum retail price (MRP).

The consumer affairs department has made what could be a breakthrough statement advising all the state governments to ensure that there is no dual pricing for any packaged item or product.

The advisory assumes significance in the backdrop of the ground reality that several items including bottled water, snacks etc are usually sold at higher prices at big restaurants, airports, malls, multiplexes and other such places.

The government has made it clear that in the cases of two MRPs for a single product, the lowest price will be considered the actual price. As a matter of rule, there is no dual MRP provision for the packaged commodities but at several places products are sold at higher prices.

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has also stated in its orders, earlier, that no packaged product like bottled water could be sold at a different price than the MRP at malls, cinema halls and airports.

News Source: indiatimes

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