Mumbai-based NGO helps 400 people in Ladakh walk again


We see many disabled people everyday, on the street, hopping on to a train or making their way to life without grumbling. It definitely makes us think what their life would be if they could walk, work with their hands or see and hear too. A Mumbai-based NGO had the same feeling and is undertaking an act that would help many people walk again.

Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust was founded 25 years ago to help disabled people lead better lives and recently they took up the task of helping people in Ladakh walk again. The camp which will start in April is going to be done with the help of a fundraiser and the trust is going to be distributing prosthetic legs, callipers, hearing aids and wheelchairs too.

It is always difficult for disable people to move around in hilly areas given the kind of terrain that they have to walk in on a daily basis. They have to constantly walk on slopes and climb higher to reach their houses, their requirement of a prosthetic leg is different and so the NGO decided to help them with their initiative.

Seeing these disabled walk again is definitely going to be a happy sight for the patients and their families which we can only imagine.

News Source: Deccan Chronicle

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