Mumbai Sea Amongst Most Polluted In The World, Average Of 68.83 Debris Items Are Found Per Sqm!

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If you are reading this article, chances are that you’re an educated and informed person. Indians have proved to the world that we are no ‘less’ than anyone. We’ve marshalled science, arts, literature, technology and several other spheres of life, but there’s one thing where we severely lack – social etiquettes.

Our houses are clean and swapped with elegance, but the surroundings are filthy and unkept. All thanks to the social negligence that Mumbai’s sea have now become the most polluted in the world.

From cigarette butts to plastic bags, from food-beverage containers to ceramics — you will find everything on a Mumbai seashore. And it’s not just Mumbai, but Kerala and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are there on the list too.

The comprehensive data research which will now be called as the Litter base has been put together by the researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research in Germany. They have penned a list of 1,237 scientific studies on marine litter and related subjects.

The study basically studies and identifies global locations with the highest amount of marine litter.

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But anyway, it’s not a surprise that Mumbai found itself a spot on this list, after all, we have been ruining the sea for so many decades now. There are just so many everyday activities that contribute to this -Ganesh Visarjan, throwing plastic bottles in the sea, dumping garbage on a large scale etc, made the Mumbai coast the worst of the lot.

The database that studies the litter on these beaches found out that there were 68.83 items a sqm at four beaches – Juhu, Versova, Dadar and Aksa — most of it (41.85%) were microplastics ranging in size from 1m to 5m.

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The highest amount of microplastics were found at Juhu beach (55.33%), followed by Versova (28.8%), Dadar (18.6%) and Aksa (7.9%).

Domestic waste, industrial waste, recreational and religious activities have long been the reason for marine pollution, putting the life of animals in danger. Not only do they contaminate water on a very large scale, but also make the human population around it extremely vulnerable to diseases.

Could this be an eye opener for folks in Mumbai to reduce littering?

News Source: India Times

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