Meet This Muslim Man Who Has Been Organising Durga Puja Since 23 Years In Chhattisgarh

Salim sheikh

Since last 23 years Salim Khan, a resident of Raigarh city in Chattisgarh has shown an exemplary example of communal harmony by organizing Durga Puja. He is the head in charge at the Handi Chowk Durga Committee” and celebrate the festival every year. Some of the artists that paint the idol of the Goddess are Muslims too and love the festival with huge pomp and show.

Currently Sheikh Salim Niyariya, is the speaker at the Raigarh Municipal Corporation and also inspire a lot of Muslim artists to take part in the decorations as well as the celebrations. Both the Hindu as well as Muslim communities in the region take part in the carousing and rejoicing of each other’s festivals. Thus the place and its people are the embodiments of peace and harmony.

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