Call us in case of leftover food: NGO to city mandalsSave food committee urge Ganesh mandals to not waste excess food

AURANGABAD: A city-based non-government organisation (NGO) has urged Ganesh mandals to send it the leftover food during the ten-day festival.


The NGO, Save Food Committee, has appealed to the mandals to arrange the export of excess food that remains after bhandara programme organised during the 10-day Ganesh festival to NGOs who serve the needy patients and their relatives.

As part of the mission to make the city hunger-free, social activists and various NGOs came together and urged the Ganesh mandals as well as the citizens to not waste food that is served during the bhandara (food served to devotees).

Anant Motale, who is the brain behind the idea of hunger-free city mission said that their campaign which was started by a handful of senior citizens kept picking up and received an overwhelming response from all sections of society. “We have been making all efforts to ensure that no food gets wasted during marriages or other social gatherings. We have been urging the organisers to inform us if excess food remains, so that we can make arrangements to collect the leftover food and serve the hungry and needy people,” he said.

“With the mission getting bigger we have joined hands with various NGOs who are into food donation such as Roti Bank and All India Majilise Tamer-e-Millat trust, so that we can reach out to larger population and increase our reach,” he said.

“Earlier, we had joined an NGO – All India Majilise Tamer-e-Millat trust run by Moid Hashar, who, in co-ordination with the caterers, continued to provide food to more than 1,500 patients and their relatives visiting the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and Government Cancer hospital every day,” said Motale.

“Yusuf Mukati, who had launched a Roti Bank at Jinsi-Baijipura Road in Aurangabad, with a mission to serve food to underprivileged society has also joined the mission,” added Motale.

Motale appealed to the mandals to call on 9765005577, 9850120801 or 9923108484 to inform about leftover food after bhandara, so that the NGOs would collect the food from the mandals and would serve the needy people.

News Source: TOI

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