Young Students of Oberoi International School took part in the Beach clean up at Juhu Beach

In an initiative to save the beaches and marine habitat of Mumbai, Ocean Conservancy started International Coastal Clean up and in the past 3 years the enthusiastic students of Oberoi International School have contributed their full support and services in the initiative.

This year, Jai Khanna, a 12th grade student of the school along with his bunch of friends, classmates and teachers took active participation in the initiative. Around 100 students and 27 teachers gathered up their energies on early Saturday morning. Despite the heavy rains the energy and the will to clean didn’t deterred their mission.


Talking about the initiative Jai told us, “In the past few years a lot of my friends and relatives who have been to Juhu Beach have always told me that its very dirty and the water has a lot of plastic bags in it, the water is filled with chemicals and you can’t stand at the beach it smells and looks like a dump yard. So this is a small initiative from my side to protect the beach so next time any of our relatives visit they find it beautiful and not a dump yard.”

From idols, plaster of paris, smelling and stinking flowers, bottles, dead fish, wooden etc was cleaned from the beach.


Devi Dang, another student who participated in the clean up drive said “As Ganpati festival just got over so there were stuff left off on the beach from Ganpati Visarjan, so there were parts of the Ganesha idols. One group actually got a 10 kg idol that was non-biogradable and could harm the beach if not cleaned up.”

The response by the students of Oberoi International School was amazing, everyone readily signed up for the event and a lot of students came at the last moment as well to sign up for the event.

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