On World Environment Day, These 12 Pictures Show the Damage that Man has Done on the only Planet With Life

Look how man has damaged the environment in the last 100 years more than the damage happened in centuries.

1. A girl carrying water on the pipe of a polluted slum in Mumbai

2. A Hindu devotee worshipping in the polluted waters of Yamuna on the occassion Chaath Puja

3. The idols of Gods and Goddess immersed in the river Ganga on Durga Puja

4. Residents fetching waters from plastic hoses in Latur from a government run water tanker.

5. Residents using the impoverished raft while crossing a polluted water canal

6. Toxic froth floating on from the lake in Bengaluru

7. A man sleeping under a tree shade on a hot summer in New Delhi

8. A boy watching garbage dump burning in Manila

9. Dead Fishes in a river at Rio De Janeiro

10. A dead fish on the dried patch of river in China.

11. Traffic Jam of cars at guamao Bridge during the rush hours

12. A social activist depicting the dried state of Earth by 2020

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