Celebrate the world environment day by making a small garden in your office premises

Onspon Terrace

June 2016, Mumbai: It is of ancient knowledge that maintaining a garden is a great way to find inner peace. Gardening encourages mindfulness which is the complete focus of the mind in the present moment without worrying about the past or the future. It is a great way to get closer to nature and immerse the mind in serene and blissful emotions of caring and nurturing.

In today’s fast-paced urban lifestyles, it has become increasingly difficult to experience the subtle touch of nature for people who spend most of their time slogging in concrete jungles. Offices are known to be high-stress environments with little or no room for the importance of de-stressing. A simple and cost-effective solution would be to combine an office with a garden.

Hitesh Gossain, CEO of Onspon.com, India’s biggest sponsorship marketplace – shares why he decided to turn the terrace in his office into a self-sustaining garden “We were lucky enough to find an office space with an attached terrace. So in order to make the most effective use of space, we decided to make it into a small garden. We started with small plants and eventually the terrace was filled with plants of various sizes and varieties”

“We were amazed at how the lacklustre terrace turned into a beautiful garden which we could visit anytime to refresh ourselves from our hectic work lives.”

Hitesh explains how his office garden requires very little maintenance and is almost self-sustaining, “We use the water from the air conditioning unit to water our garden. The water gets collected in a watering jug and once it gets to room temperature we use it to water the entire garden. The manure which we use for the plants is derived from the plants itself. The leaves which fall down while trimming are biodegradable and the same are used as manure for the plants”

Terrace Garden

Working with a garden is a great way to develop a sense of aesthetics. The way of gardening is based on the concept of beauty and creativity which extends to personal and professional life. Constant work pressure can affect a person’s work-life balance which can be restored by having a garden in the office to experience the subtle grace and hidden beauty of nature.

Currently, most of the offices are understanding the importance of plants and trees in surroundings.

Today’s world is plagued with the mounting problem of environment degradation and pollution. The quality of air is degrading day by day and fresh air might become hard to come by for the future generations. In that sense, it also becomes a responsibility as a good citizen to convert that unused office space into a beautiful garden.

Hitesh says with a smile – ‘I believe we have been enjoying the benefits of our office garden and hope that we can start a trend of office gardens as more offices experience the beauty of it’.

About Onspon.com:

The idea of Onspon started when as the sponsorship manager of our college fests, we had to hunt down brands based on relationships rather than event metrices (and we were students – so had limited time and team size).

Couple of years later, sitting on the brand side, when we had to plan a brand outreach – it was almost impossible to find / evaluate and close conversations with millions of events (local or happening across the world). Leave apart small events – it was difficult to even evaluate high decibel events like premier leagues on a single comparative chart.  The problem of sponsorship raising and discovering is everywhere – and we understood it soon.

So – we created Onspon.com to bridge this information and access gap. An experienced team of brand marketers, strategists, senior event operations folks and creative – across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Dubai have made this happen.

Today 400+ brands use Onspon to evaluate some fantastic opportunities like EDM concerts, B2B / B2C exhibitions, conferences, college festivals, sports events, corporate engagement platforms, children event, all major sporting leagues etc

Onspon has rated as an exhaustive high quality platform for assessing the best partnership opportunities across 8000+ avenues. The best part is that it’s a marketplace model – hence no ‘sales pitches’ – we are event agnostic hence brands get what they want.

Check : Onspon.com/faq.php

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