Need to generate awareness on organ donation

JAIPUR: Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons expressed a need for awareness to encourage organ donation in a two-day national conference on cardiac diseases, which concluded in the city on Sunday.

“At some point of time, in some specific conditions, heart functioning worsens among some patients. In such situations, heart transplant is the only available option to save their life. In Rajasthan, there is a need to generate awareness on organ donation. At present, the number of patients in need of organ donation is high but the procedure is not very prevalent,” Bangalore’s cardiac surgeon Dr Vivek Jawali said.

Dr Jawali explained the cases in which bypass surgery or angioplasty should be done. In cases of major blockage where multiple stents are suggested, bypass surgery is a far better option. He also suggested that there should be quality parameters for stents for better and long-lasting results.

Besides, Dr Vijay Kumar, a heart surgeon from Delhi, shared his views on high risk patients. He said the technique is TEBOR which performs like angioplasty and no incision is required. This is a better option for high risk patients having diabetes or asthma for valve replacement without any major surgery.

Dr TS Kler, a New-Delhi based cardiologist, said, that hypertension, diabetes and coronary artery diseases are three major killers in India and all three are purely lifestyle diseases. He suggested simple preventive steps for these diseases like ideal body weight, exercise for 30-45 minutes daily, blood sugar and blood pressure check-up every six months, avoiding smoking and learning ways to de-stress yourself. “You can opt for any activity like yoga, meditation, gossiping with friends, long drive, or any other option of personal choice. Research says that if you perform these on regular basis then you can treat heart disease and diabetes without any medical cure,” Dr Kler said.

News Source: TOI

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