This December Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community is baking a sunshine cake for the elderly and orphans

Bangalore based  entrepreneur Simran Oberoi Multani, is having  a small Facebook group called the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community which focuses on healthy baking – information, recipes, kid-friendly stuff and so on. This group has  just completed a year this November, and for this first year of completion,  Simran  along with other group members have started an initiative called the Bake a Sunshine Cake. This basically involves several of the mom bakers in the group getting together city-wise (since it contains members from other cities too) to visit an orphanage and/or old age home with homebaked goodies on 12th and/or 19th December.

ovenderful mom bakers

You can be anywhere in the world and can do this task – its just a simple gesture of taking the feeling of home that is associated with homebaked stuff to those who don’t have families or homes during this time of the year, to share the holiday cheer.

For those who don’t bake they can  support it virtually by clicking on the link below, sending their wishes to all the moms whose generosity of spirit is making it possible and getting to know more about the lesser known old age homes and orphanages incase you would like to visit them at some stage in the future.

Event Details in Bangalore :

Venue – Cheshire Old Age home(12 December ), Vishwas Home for orphans (19 December )

For more updates of the initiative in the Event Link below.

Virtual Event Link: Click here

Group Link ( for those who are interested in healthy baking): Click here

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