Through Prayas he is providing education to the street children of Mumbai

Prayas NGO

27 years ago, Mr Nadar came to Mumbai just to visit the city of dreams. He grew up in the outskirts of Chennai and does not remember much about him having done any formal education. He never returned to Chennai but decided to do something in Mumbai therefore stayed in a chawl with his family near Versova and did minor jobs.  When he used to go on his morning walk daily, his eyes rested upon those children who instead of studying were found working, littering and wasting their lives.

Therefore he desired to do something for these children for their bright future. He decided to run a Ngo and alongwith other team members he setup Prayas. Gradually he attained his goals and now he is successfully running Prayas Ngo at Goregaon since 2006. The Ngo with Nadar Sir has celebrated its 9 years of success and looking forward for many more years to come. His genuine concern for the street children helped him achieve his goal.

Prayas Ngo has nearly 400 children of different ages coming everyday in different batches and  sitting on plastic mats with a couple of teachers. It’s a school without a roof. These children study in Municipal schools where education is just a formality. Nadar Sir along with Raut  Sir looks after the free tuition of  these  children everyday. Books, Study Materials, basic necessities  etc is provided to the children.

Prayas NGO mumbai

He managed his funds with the help of the  trustees of the organization who help  in providing money and looks after the monetary requirement of  the educational material.

He is the soul of Prayas. From arranging books, permission for school, interaction with parents, daily check-up with kids, arranging every celebration he himself manages on his own. The man has made sure that he will enlighten every child’s life both professionally and personally. He wants to dedicate his entire life for this social cause.

I don’t go out to individuals for financial assistance, anybody who wants to help may do it on their own “-Nadar Sir

To connect with Nadar Sir- 9892298898

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