When Terror Strikes, Humanity Arise – #PrayForParis

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Friday night was one of the most horrific nights in the lives of the people in Paris as they suffered a massive terror attack at the Bataclan concert, Stade de France, a cafe killing almost 150+ people and leaving behind a lot of injured and frightened souls. During this time of  terror what is worth noticing is the spirit of humanity which can be  seen among the people across the world who stands in solidarity with Paris at this hour of need and are ready to extend a supporting hand to the affected people.

1.#PorteOuverte: With the closure of metro lines, the people on the streets are facing a lot of difficulty to go back to their homes without transportation. But all thanks to the kindness act of the Parisians who through the help of Twitter has started a campaign with hashtag  #PorteOuverte meaning Open Door and are offering their homes to those who are roaming on the streets helplessly.

2. Facebook Safety Check: Another most important help offered by Mark Zuckerberg is through enabling the feature of Facebook Safety Check as Paris Terror Attacks through which people can update their loved ones about their safety on the social networking site. Alot of people have marked themselves safe through this feature till now.

3. Helpline Numbers : Inorder to reach to the Us citizens in Paris the U.S State Department has started a helpline numbers 1-888-407-4747 (from the US ) and 202-501-4444(from Overseas). Even facility of free taxis too have started by the local taxi drivers in Paris to help the needy.

4. #Prayers4Paris : People across the world are sharing their prayers and blessings to the victims and affected families through the hashtag #Prayers4Paris. Whereas the people of Paris stand up together to sing the national anthem as the means to showcase the spirit of humanity and national pride.

5. Non –Profits Helping The People:  A lot of international non profits having their presence in the city have come together to utilize their donations for the suffered people. The International Red Crecent Societies and Medecins Sans Frontieres known as Doctors Without Borders are helping the people and if you want to help the people you can donate to the account of these organizations.

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