The young Naturalist of India Prosper S Marak Bringing Relief to Garo Hills

Prosper S Marak Garo Hills
How many of us living and enjoying the elitist life in the metropolitan cities know about the Garo Hills that were once a part of our geography syllabus back in school. I’m sure many of us must have forgot by now that there exist a state on the map of India known as Meghalaya. But what we all should know and acknowledge the great deed done by this young man who just turned 24, Prosper S Marak. At this young age he is the guiding force to the Garo Student Union preventing it from the coal mafias.

Meghalaya being the only one state in India in which the illegal mining of coal is done without any kind of obligation due to which the biodiversity of the land has started destroying but this young lad’s efforts had led the closure of illegal coal mine that if opened have not only created havoc to the land but also will be responsible for the cutting down of so many trees that will built a road to the mine as on Garo Hills the link with the rest of the country is not so accessible by the people.

The whole of northeastern part of India is dominated by Coal mines creating harmful effects on the climate. Prosper being a nature lover and have grown by living closer to nature at the outset of the elephant forests of Balpakram National Park and Siju Wildlife Sanctuary, his love for nature cannot be compromised for anything and in order to protect the land he along with his group of friends have started a voice against the powerful mafias that have foreshadowed the beauty of northeast.

Balpakram Forest being the rich source of coal was a target by these miners who wanted to cut down the trees but Prosper like his name wanted to prosper these trees . He arranged petitions against the state government in the year 2009 and also his group of friends seized the illegal bulldozers and handed them to the authorities in order to prevent . As the seizing of bulldozers took the matter into the hands of legal authorities the supporters of Prosper and village local people resowed the seeds to grow the trees again removing the debris thus making sure that the mafia of coal should not return. Due to his efforts a mining policy is being imposed by the officials and the administration once ill sighted listens to his call.

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