She is providing education to the underprivileged children and their parents in the slum areas of Mumbai


Salma Memon, a 22-year-old young  social activist has started  UMEED – A Ray of Hope For Better Tommorrow to help the underprivileged kids in the slums of Mumbai. With over many years of working experience in the social sector  and an achiever of many awards with recognition in social work this young girl wanted to reach to the needy in those areas where not many social clubs or Ngo’s were paying their attention.

Currently the team have  enrolled around 150 children into government schools and ensures to look after their education till they complete their graduation. The organization works on a principle of collecting Rs 200 every month from the club members as well as from the corporate associated with them in order to manage the school fees for these children that ranges between Rs 7000-Rs 8000/per child  annually.


Talking about the challenges that Salma and her team faced while setting up her organization was the response of people during the time of donating the money. A lot of people were sceptical on how the funds are going to be used. Therefore the team came up with a solution of providing a receipt along with the Xerox of the fees deposited receipt to the donors to maintain the transparency in the work.

Salma says “ I want to completely eliminate the word underprivileged from the society by providing these people a platform to stand on their own feet”. Inorder to fulfil this dream she is not only trying to educate these kids but the team has also started educating the parents of these children so that they don’t have to depend on the funds of others to send their kids to school. They are conducting the skill development workshops in the field of arts and handicrafts for the parents through which they can earn their livelihood in the better way.

Salma plans to expand the organization’s reach to many places where the help is not reached in the near future with the help of the team members and volunteers who strongly support her endeavour.

To connect with Salma and Umeed contact: 9702285810

Find on Facebook:  UMEED – A Ray of Hope For Better Tommorrow

Website: click here

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Latika Wadhwa

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