Delhi ragpicker feeds and takes care of 400 stray dogs in Delhi


When the early sun rays falls on the city of Delhi we the elites gets up to do our morning chores but for 62-year-old Pratima, who is a rag picker by profession the sunshine is like an alarm to go and collect food for her family that comprise of 400 stray dogs.

It‘s quite unbelievable to know that a rag picker woman who herself is not wealthy enough to feed her own stomach is feeding the stomachs of street dogs for the last thirty years.

Living in the unhygienic and unsafe location in a parking lot of Saket Area this woman is doing a great work. Unlike her literate counterparts who are busy in their own lively enjoyments this uneducated woman belonging to the marginalized sections of the society is working hard to provide these dogs nourished food and water.Every day she provides with a proper supplement of two course diet full of rice, 10-15 kgs of milk and 5-6 breads. As people believe in giving alms a lot rice is one thing that Pratima Devi is easily accessible to for her dogs. But these days she is providing them with lighter meals.

Being a mother to these roadside stray dogs she provides them proper care and affection like all the other mothers give to their children. In order to fulfill her goal of safeguarding the dogs from malnourishment she has left her family and lives with these animals only.

She wakes up the whole night to ensure the safety and protection of these creatures. She makes sure that the dog face no problem and difficulty and nobody harms them during night. Apart from them like all the mothers she has instilled good qualities in them as none of the 400 dogs have ever bitten anyone on the roads. According to Pratima Devi she has found family in these creatures and love spending her life with them.

With a mission to protect the dogs she is ready to serve them for her entire life. For this great and noble initiative Pratima Devi has not went back to her village since seven years inorder to feed the little ones every day. For this activity she was recently rewarded in 2009 with Godfrey Phillips Bravery Awards.

This rag picker woman is a great source of inspiration for us.

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Latika Wadhwa

Latika is the Founder & Chief Editor of MaStyle Care. An ace humanitarian and a storyteller at heart. Latika loves to bring the stories of Changemakers with an aim to spread awareness in the society.