This man is trying to eliminate poverty by imparting education and health to the needy

Rajendra Kumar Tulsiyan

Rajendra Kumar Tulsiyan, the sole proprietor of Vivek steel Traders, is helping the needy  children to schools, offering them school kits (consisting of uniforms, shoes, bag, books and textbooks)and promoting education along with the members of his community called “Rajasthani Sammelan.”

This 62 years old man was surprised to find lack of development in the locality when he came to Mumbai in 1985. People thought twice before going to Gokuldham(Goregaon) because the place was in a poor state.  Men from nearby slums who worked as servants in his house explained him the trauma they suffered on a daily basis. It was through them Mr.Tulsiyan came to know the desperate and dire situations haunting the majority silence. It was then he decided he would labour every bit to see a developed and well-settled society.

“When a new term begins, parents’ first concern is how are they going to manage funds for their child’s education. Rajasthani Sammelan comes to the rescue in such circumstances. We do everything that is possible for us to see a child’s bright future. People of our neighbourhood willingly contribute and there’s no need for us to go asking for money. We have started promoting education in 1987 and since then, we have distributed lakhs of books either for free or at subsidised prices. This year, we have granted scholarship to 400 deserving pupils and it costs us approximately 13-14 lakhs. There’s no differentiation between children based on caste, class, sex or religion. Whoever asks, gets,” reports Mr. Tulsiyan.

Through the community he  also helps those who are troubled with diseases, mentally or physically disabled, handicapped, widowed and there’s a separate department to assist them.

“An incident that touched my heart was when I casually asked the cab driver if he knew Rajasthani Sammelan.  I was on my way home and was intrigued by the driver’s response. He said that he was fortunate to have such a community which helped his children learn and grow easily. His children were highly educated and he showed me his book where he maintained his calculations claiming that the book was very lucky for him. His words had given me such peacefulness that I haven’t experienced all my life,” says Rajendra Kumar Tulsiyan.

Currently Their group  is working towards the project of making guest houses in Goregaon as there’s no room to stay for people coming from faraway places either to mourn for death or rejoice for birth. Mr. Tulsiyan wants to remove the taboo of Indian culture and foster equality among all. He believes that contributing even a small sum leads to eternal peace and purity of the heart and the soul.

To contact Mr. Tulsiyan, dial: 09322282999

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