Meet this lady who is working towards the empowerment of underprivileged children through education

“No Time is better spent than that spent in service of others”.

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The commitment towards better society is the driving force of Reincarnation Association along with the belief in the dignity and potential of every individual. Mrs. Savita Gupta is the founder of this organization. Mrs. Gupta is born and bought up in Mumbai and is highly influenced by her father who was a social worker by heart, serving the society with whatever limited resources he had. She is a charismatic and a passionate individual who possess not only relevant expertise but also a sense of social assiduousness. She saw the effect and the impact of the poverty at an early age. She has been a teacher for the major part of her professional career that spans across two decades and has a vast experience of working with kids.

Savita is a committed and a proactive individual who puts consistent efforts to achieve the goal of overcoming poverty and empowerment. She shares that from early age she used to visit places such as children’s home, nari niketans, old age homes etc. The story behind the start of this initiative is to eradicate the suffering of individual in the community through defensible grassroot initiatives in an effort to fulfill basic human rights.

In talking about the number of life that has been impacted by this organization she says,”Being a new NGO, the count as of now is not much.It would be just around 200 children where we distributed some etables, stationery items like pencil, notebooks and T shirts etc “. She adds ,” The impact of these activities was visible in the smile of kids.The joy was enormous, their enjoyment and fun cannot be described in words”.The organization has also started LAKHON MAI EK  initiative  which aims to provide proper and good education to the children of the slum areas. The motive behind this project is to make underprivileged kids knowledgeable enough to differentiate between good and bad.

Mrs Savita says the major challenge to her organization is funding, “ People are reluctant in sharing funds, even though they agree that it is for a social cause. It is not only individual even the organization and companies that have the common social responsibility do not readily share funds”. She informs that,” currently the funding is being done from the pockets of some regular volunteers and from the savings that I do from my personal earning”.

She feels sad that due to the lack and scarcity of funds she had to shed her project ‘ENJOY TODAY’ first in the service of day long picnic for children of various children’s home of Delhi-NCR.  She said ,” Response of people is good and overwhelming. People really love and appreciate the idea”. She is also thankful to her volunteers who are doing whatever  they can do, without having a feeling of what they will benefit from participating in the selfless services.

Reincarnation association is a national and not for profit organization will be engaged in social services and human welfare activities primarily working for empowerment of women, children and senior citizens and also in skill development in Delhi-NCR. The association aims to work for the improvement of quality of life and build the capacity of the oppressed and ostracized people into the main stream.

She further adds,” As an association, we will not only set higher standards of performance for all, will assume responsibility and accountability for successful completion of assignment or tasks”.

“ Lets come together and reach out to the ones who are in need that would be the best way of letting the god know we are thankful to him for making us human beings”. She remarks

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