He has rescued 5000 destitute people from the streets of Bangalore

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In this racing world, where each one of us crib about our busy lives and hardships, there lives a man in the Silicon City of Bengaluru, who endeavors to bring a change by rendering a gallant service to the society. Mr. Joshua T. Raja, famously known as Auto Raja, is the pioneer behind the New Ark Mission- where Hope gets a New Light, since its inception in 1997, the rehabilitation center- ‘Home of Hope’ has left no stone unturned to give a healthy and happy life to the impoverished souls, both young and old, who would have otherwise died on the street pavements with ruthless diseases.

“Since the day I started, I am running this under public donations only”, says Mr. Raja. He exclaims that he has received a lot of recognition from the Government, but none of the governmental bodies have come forward to aid the organization in any way. When asked about his experience so far, he narrates, “Whenever I approach the destitute, passers–by and even the people I intend to rescue are surprised. Some suspect me of luring these people into hospitals and stealing their organs. The destitute themselves are taken aback by me holding them because they have never been approached by anyone before.”

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The people, who are rescued by the Mission, are often found in unimaginable conditions. Some of them are so weak that they can barely move their limbs, while others who just manage to move need to battle with the street dogs to feed themselves from the leftover in trash bins. Most of them rejected by their families and are living the most merciless lives with their bodies covered with sores.

In its eighteenth year, the New Ark Mission has rescued over 5000 people from the fringes of the city and has provided them with a proper health facility. More than 1500 people have also been returned to their families after proper cure and recovery. The Home of Hope also helps the sick and elderly to die with dignity. It is more than a mere shelter for the poor and neglected. It is a home where the inmates live like a family. It is a family that has become a reality due to the hard work and perseverance of one man and his undying faith in the Almighty. “My goal is to shelter at least 1000 destitute in the days to come.” remarks Mr. Raja.

Mr. Raja truly believes, “We should not wait for another Mother Teresa to come; Youth of our country should get awareness to do this social cause.”

If you want to connect with this noble organisation, visit their website www.newarkmission.org

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