Rinki Bhattacharya – A Courageous Mother Who Moved out of a Domestically Violent Marriage For the sake of her children

Rinki Bhattacharya

Born to a family where her father Bimal Roy was one of the greatly acclaimed progressive directors of the Indian Cinema fraternity Rinki as a child was a very emancipated girl child and enjoyed lot of freedom and love from her family. But after getting married her dream was completely shattered as what she received from a love affair turned wedlock was beyond the imagination of any girl who wanted to get married with her beloved.

At the tender age of 17 Rinki married Basu Bhattacharya, another great name of the Indian Cinema fraternity. She married Bhattacharya with a hope of getting utmost affection as well as care but soon her expectations were badly shed away when she was encountered with the violent face of her husband’s character. In the initial phase of her marriage things though were not same as those at Rinki’s father’s home still she was leading a normal life. But as her children were born Basu’s attitude towards Rinki grew violent and violent.

Basu started slapping Rinki on the petty things and once when Aditya, the elder son got seriously ill Basu went out of the home on the pretext of getting medicines but came back after 6 hours that too without medicines. This incident marked a deep effect on Rinki’s mind.

Having two daughters made Rinki quite worried as seeing the violent bashes at home the children were getting badly affected. Rinki thought that if her daughters made their mindset that in marriage only beatings, black and blue bruises and slaps are there then it would be difficult for the daughters to sustain a happy and healthy life after marriage.

Then during the year 1982 as Rinki was working and had closed the door of the bedroom inorder to gain peace in work Basu slammed the door and took Rinki by her hair in the bathroom and started beating her up. Her elder son came to her rescue and asked Basu to just leave and through this incident Rinki took up courage to stand against her husband. Being totally depended upon Basu for money and economic necessity it was very difficult for Rinki to simply move out and so she started writing for columns as a freelance journalist and also Joined Women’s Centre in Mumbai which became the turning point of her life and finally through the help of her writing she started bringing her sufferings outside to the people.

She moved out and filed a divorce in 1986 and went to live alongwith her children. Today she is running her own organization for those mothers in Mumbai who are suffering from Domestic violence and is also a renowned writer. Her book Behind Closed Doors portrays the stark reality of domestic abuses that women in India are facing inside their households.

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