Saher Motiwala helps the people in Delhi to stay fit through “The Health Box”

Saher motiwala the health box

Obesity is one of the biggest health  hazards   that the people in the world are encountering these days. The womenfolk are at great risk due to this problem.  A healthy lifestyle is the need of an hour which expects us to leave  behind all our love towards desserts, junk food, cakes, pizzas and pastas and add a  tinge of healthy diet like  fruits and vegetables in our life.

Taking this aspect in mind Saher Motiwala, a former TV journalist  started her entrepreneurial journey by Co-Founding “The Health Box”. The Health Box is a one of a kind health food service that delivers freshly prepared, locally sourced food right at your doorstep. From high protein meals and detox meals to gluten free salads and protein wraps, The Health Box delivers a range of options for the health conscious people. All the dishes are  natural ,preservative free, contain no additives or sugar and are freshly prepared by the chefs in the organization. Every dish is carefully curated by nutrition experts. Their aim is to make gourmet healthy meals accessible for those who are health and fitness conscious.

Born and brought up in a traditional Muslim household in Pune, Saher lost her father and brother at the young age of 16 in a fatal car accident which was the defining moment of her life and has made her what she is today.  She was the first girl in her entire  family clan who went abroad to study and completed her graduation in Media and Marketing from University of the Arts London (a big step for her family members at that time) She worked  part time at her  university, backpacked countries with the money she  saved and collected a whole lot of invaluable experiences which helped her shape her worldview and become the independent woman she is today.

She  started her career in print journalism and styling and moved on to produce lifestyle shows for NDTV Goodtimes and anchored segments on India Today television and Men’s Heath magazine when the idea of healthy start up came back to her mind to build a platform to change the health quotient of the nation and help people facing similar issues as her.

Ten years back Saher herself  was facing the problem of obesity in her life. “ At 16 I weighed a whopping 100 kilos so eating healthy and working out regularly was a concept, I got introduced to way back when people of my age were visiting KFC. And somewhere along the way, I realised that I would love to promote the concept of eating clean and living healthy since then it  has been an integral part of my life  and thus The Health Box was born in Feb 2015 as an initiative to eat clean and make India live a healthier lifestyle.”  Says Saher

She battled depression as a teenager and was low on self confidence. She hated the way she looked and that attitude and feeling of low self worth was a great hindrance in  her empowerment. “My family was very supportive and motivated me to battle obesity which is extremely crucial because that can make or break your personality,” she says. Her family gave her wings to fly high and choose whatever she wanted to do.

She believes that instead:

As a culture, the women in our society still need to be FREE. and according to me. To be able to CHOOSE is freedom. To choose love or war.. to choose sexual orientation.. to choose a profession.. to choose to walk out of a marriage or stay in it… we need to give our women the right to make a CHOICE We have progressed leaps and bounds in the last couple of years but it is just a stepping stone towards women freedom and empowerment.

Website: The Health Box

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