Meet the Munna Bhai of Mumbai, an autorickshaw driver contributing great services towards the society

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Hailing from Bandra, Mumbai; Sandeep Bacche rides an auto rickshaw since the last 16 years. This guy is wooing the heart of Mumbai changing the face of errant rickshaw drivers around the city!

The thing that  separates him from the rest is that, he is giving innumerable services in his auto rickshaw since the last 12 years. Called as ‘Munna Bhai’ by Mumbaikars this man conceives in helping not just the destitute class but the middle class and the common people who are coping to make a better living. With a  social message stuck inside, he renders free Wi-Fi to all his customers, keeps himself updated about the weather, stock market, currency and the news log, every single day in order to acknowledge his clients during the rides. The handicapped and the blind people can travel for free, until their destination arrives, no matter how far it is! To reduce the chaos of the common man in city this man also keeps a mobile charger, first-aid kit, newspaper stand, PCO and STD.

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For the old aged and the senior citizens he charges just rupees 10/km  and at times only rupees 8/km wherein the normal prices starts with Rs 18/km. He provides his customers with hot tea and coffee for just Rupees five. Apart from that, this philanthropist gives free rides to  all students during their board exams, for women on occasions like Raksha Bandhan and International Women’s Day, for others on all the public holidays, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, so on so forth!!  When asked about how many free rides he had given in all, He said he has no count, it’s uncountable!!!

Coming from a very downtrodden family, he has struggled so hard to make it all happen. Being a huge fan of Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt this man also considers himself, capable of helping the society as much as he can. He is doing this is for the sake of his city, his people, the poor and the needy. He enunciates, ‘I have seen what poverty is, there was a time when I ate only 1 meal a day, and  that was plain roti’s with water; back in 1994, I went asking for help door to door, because my mother was suffering from cancer and no body lent me a single penny but, Sanjay Dutt!

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‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’ quotes Aesop, but Sandeep has to pay a price for his Kindness. He faces a lot of tirade from different rickshaw unions, from his fellow mates for giving free rides to people and for being so good to everyone. The next big things is the funds. Sandeep has to run a family and take care of his two children. He is in desperate need of funds, he spends his own savings for modifying his rickshaw, he lives in hope that someday things will fall in place, because when you do good, the good does come back to you. He has been awarded by CNN IBN for his kind services towards the needy.

To help Sandeep Bacche call –  +919022416338

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Priyanka Kore

Hailing from the city of Mumbai, Priyanka Kore believes every human being should contribute to the betterment of our society. She is an aspiring civil service student and have a great experience of teaching in the Ngo sector.