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Children are the Future of Tomorrow, knowing this fact Bittu Sahgal started “Kids for tigers” to safeguard the natural habitat of Tigers and protect them from calamity thus maintaining the ecosystem. Kids through their voice power which is loud and devoid of any kind of material gains can generate awareness and invoke adults to realize the fact that in their quest of gaining more land and resources they are harming the lives of the tigers.

The poor souls are losing their home and habitation which in turn is leading their extinction. The recent study had showed that only 1411 tigers are left in India and if this practice of shedding trees and cutting down of forests will take place then very soon the remaining ones will also vanish away in a blink of eye.

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In order to protect this valuable species Kids For Tigers was incepted and started in 2000 with a vision to create awareness among 5 million students who can bring a change in society. It is an initiative by Sanctuary Asia Magazine who are running educational programs about Tigers and their livelihoods across various schools in India. The main aim of Kids For Tigers is that to awaken the children of the country and arouse a sensitivity for tigers by making them understand that through saving tigers they can save themselves.

As art is the best way to express the sanities of human life, Kids for Tigers conducts plays, competitions, lectures and organizes trips for the school children to the neighboring forests and wildlife sanctuaries to introduce them with a culture of biodiversity and habitat. The small children often color their faces and carry out rallies and marches to carry out information upon the importance of safeguarding the tigers.

kids for Tigers

With is ongoing progress and popularity the programme is getting sponsored by Aircel and almost over 275 schools have become a part of this great cause across 15 cities. They believe that tigers cannot be saved without saving the forests as its their natural habitat. So through this initiative they are raising their voice for almost two causes. A lot of strategic methodologies have been employed by Kids for Tigers to bring the hands together.

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