Shabana Azmi calls everyone to pay a tribute to Nirbhaya

shavana azmi

16 December is the darkest day in the life of brave Nirbhaya when she was attacked by the vultures of society and was succumbed to death. But the world will never forget this braveheart.

Shabana Azmi has requested all to join the initiative of paying tribute to Nirbhaya on16 December at Jantar Mantar from2:30-4:30 on the occasion of her 3 death anniversary.

Join her in the cause and pay your tribute to the blessed soul.

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One thought on “Shabana Azmi calls everyone to pay a tribute to Nirbhaya

    Dec 15, 2015 at 9:01 pm

    Hello we have a street play ‘Ram kahan hai??’ (a story based on nirbhya rape case). We would like to perform this play at janter manter..

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