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16 Feb, a special day for the MaStyle Care team where people were still lost in the hangover of Valentine’s day our team members celebrated the beauty of Girl Child through the cutting of a beautiful cake sponsored by Exotic Cakes and Desserts with young girls of laborers in Kalkaji. It was an occasion to rekindle the spark of Girl child under our ongoing campaign “I am proud to have a daughter “.

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The cake was specially designed in the colors of Pink and white with a girl incarnated and special message for girl child was inscribed. The kids were so happy and mesmerized to see the cake. They were eager to cut it and finally the two little girls among the group cut the cake and distributed it among their peers. The smiles on their faces brought tears in the eyes of our team members and the little “Thank you “ that came after having the delicious cake was beyond any happiness .

It was indeed a very joyful experience for the team as well as for the kids .

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