Sindhutai Sapkal, Known as the Mother of Orphans is feeding the homeless children of the country


A Mother is the most important person in every child’s life. Each year we celebrate Mother’s Day in order to mark mother’s utmost care and affection towards her child. But what about those children who were never able to gain mother’s love, who were left destitute on the streets by their mothers.

Thousands of children loom around the streets of India as orphans. At every public place one will find children asking and begging for alms. But the destiny of orphan kids in Pune is somewehat different as they have SindhuTai Sapkal as their mother.

It is not necessary that a woman who gave you birth will be your only mother, a mother can be someone who adopts you and takes proper care of you. Abandoned by her husband when she was nine months pregnant SindhuTai is a very brave and courageous soul. She was barely 10 year old when she was married off to a man in Pune who was 20 years elder to her. She was very ill treated and was thrown out of her home when she was about to deliver a child. Later on the same day she gave birth to a daughter Mamta who too is running an orphanage these days.

Inorder to feed her daughter Sindhutai used to beg outside temples, railway stations, public places etc . While begging for alms at these places SindhuTai thought of those poor orphan children who were left on the streets to earn their livelihood. Having experienced the pain and agony of living alone SindhuTai thought of adopting these orphan kids and started begging to fill the stomachs of these orphan kids too.

Inorder to remove any kind of partiality between her daughter and the other orphan children she gave away her daughter for adoption and continued to earn for the lives of orphan children.

Currently Sindhutai has opened 5 shelter homes for the orphans where they are being educated as well as provided all the basic amenities of life . Till now she has adopted more than 1400 children and have also got them married.

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For her great work towards the society she is being awarded with more than 500 awards.

Her adopted children are all successful individuals and some of them are professors, engineers, doctors etc. Whatever she earns through aid and through her public speeches are all devoted for the upbringing of these orphan kids.

Sindhutai indeed is a mother of all these orphan kids and has proved that a mother’s love is beyond has no cost.

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