SPCA-FONRWA to work together to neuter stray dogs


NOIDA: In a fresh step to curb stray dog menace, the RWA federation held a meeting with Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Noida on Tuesday to chalk out a joint venture for stray dog sterilisation programme where the Federation of Residents Welfare Associations (FONRWA) will provide SPCA a roaster of chart including the number of stray dogs per residential sectors and a tentative time frame during which SPCA will organise their sterilisation. “FONRWA called officials of SPCA for a meeting on Tuesday with a view to ascertain the reasons for their inaction and to chalk out an action plan for rigorous measures to curb the rising menace of stray dogs in Noida city,” said N P Singh, president FONRWA.

In this regard, apart from issues discussed on inadequate measures to curb stray dog menace, it was also considered necessary to collate a list of estimated strength of stray dogs per sector, so that a plausible and effective monthly schedule could be jointly worked out. On its part, FONRWA has sent out a letter of intimation on Wednesday to member RWAs across residential sectors to submit the list of stray dogs in their respective sectors within the end of this month. “We’ve asked all our members to provide a list of the number of stray dogs per their sectors so that we can chalk out a roaster to hand over to SPCA based on which the latter can organise and start their dog sterilisation programme,” said Singh who adds that SPCA agreed that it can sterilise 700 dogs per month based with such data and to submit a workable project to FONRWA.

“We will carry out a joint venture whereby FONRWA will provide us with the list of stray dogs per residential sectors and we’ve agreed to sterilise them starting with anywhere between 500-700 dogs per month,” Anuradha Dogra Vasisht, management committee member SPCA, Noida. According to Singh the entire process of collating the number of dogs per sector and drawing out a roaster will take about a month after which they aim to provide the list to SPCA so that they can begin sterilisation work from Dec 1.

News Source: TOI

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