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Over the recent years, start-ups have become the new buzz in town all across the country. But what is a challenging task for the start-ups is to hire the best talent. Due to the constraint in a budget as not all start-ups got funding in millions, there is a gap between the best talent and the startups.

Similarly, the talented candidates in cities like Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 suffer from the lack of job opportunities in spite of being talented and skilled. Therefore to bridge this gap between job seekers, interns, freelancers and companies. Saurav Sharma, a young entrepreneur started a Facebook Group “StartUp Hiring” which is a platform for entrepreneurs to hire the suitable candidate for a job, get freelancers, interns, find partners etc. Currently, there are around 38,000 members in the group including job seekers, freelancers, Recruiters and Startup owners.


Started in 2014 when Saurav quit his lucrative job after 4 years of working in a reputed Recruitment Firm as an Online Marketing Head, the group was solely formed with an aim to bridge the gap that exists between opportunities and the talent especially in start-ups.

Talking about the group Mr Sharma told us that There are a number of groups dedicated to start-ups on Facebook but not one single group which is only focussed on hiring in the start-up world so I started this group inorder to help the startup communities and the talent to connect with each other directly.”

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Through the group, the members are able to connect with each other for various kinds of jobs across the industry verticals. Around 2000+ people are able to get jobs through postings on the group without paying any fees to the consultants. In the coming days, Mr Sharma is planning to conduct Job Fairs in Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities in order to help the job seekers connect with opportunities.

Also, a lot of meetups, mentorship workshops, talks and sessions in the colleges across the country are in the plan for the coming year in 2017.

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