Mumbai: Hero stray dogs poisoned to death at Dahisar society

Strays dogs living in Dahisar’s Krishna Vatika Complex saved its residents from an attack by the Chaddi Banyan gang in 2012, but have died mysteriously since, with the latest such deaths of two strays from the pack occurring on May 8. Medical reports have pointed to poisonous food as the cause of deaths, while society members have zeroed in on a resident as the suspect, through CCTV footage.

Quickly dwindling

“We had been suspicious for a long time, since the stray dogs who lived as pets in the society have been going missing. When the Chaddi Baniyan gang attacked our society, there were at least 15-20 dogs in the building, but now, only four are left.”

“We grew even more suspicious after both the dogs were found dead on May 8. One of them died earlier in the day and another one collapsed in the evening,” said society resident Bhupendra Shelar.

Resident suspect

“I, along with other members of the society, called the police that conducted a panchnama and sought a post mortem report. While the report has not been released, we spoke to doctors from the veterinary hospital in Lower Parel, who conducted the post mortem. They said poisonous substances were found in the dogs’ bodies.”

“We rushed back to the society and checked the CCTV footage. In it, Rajesh Verma, a resident was seen leaving behind food for dogs the day before their deaths. We complained to the police regarding the matter, which is currently under investigation. The dogs were the heroes of the society; they were the ones who kept us safe, even from criminals like the Chaddi Baniyan gang,” Shelar added.

Dog’s last supper

Pravin Chandra Upadhyay, another resident, said, “In the CCTV footage, we found Verma coming towards a corner in the building and keeping some food there. A few moments later, a dog was seen eating the food and the next day, he was found dead.”

“At that time, we did not understand how he died, but when another dog was found dead the same day, we examined it and saw blood coming out of its mouth. Later, we took the dogs to the hospital, which said the cause of death was poisoning,” he said.

Shelar added, “We have also complained to Salim Charania, President of PAWA India about the mysterious deaths. They are also conducting a parallel probe in the matter.”

The society members have now sought an FIR and a thorough investigation in the case from the Dahisar police. A police official from the Dahisar police station said, “A complaint has been received and we are in the process of investigating the case.”

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