88 street children in Mumbai got a home to live due to this woman

Street children mumbai
A 30 years old woman graduate Darshana Gohil belonging to a middle-class gujarati family
runs a home “Hum Sath Sath Hain” for orphan and semi-orphan children from the streets of Mumbai.
The name of the group is inspired by the community. Through this effort she had brought a hope of making a difference in the lives of the orphan children. She believes that when a child comes into the world, the hope and dreams of the human race are born anew. Children are the future and the world today, has taken the knowledge, the resources and the legal imperatives to give every child the best possible start to that future.

In 2010, When Darshana Gohil and her husband Satish Gohil were working as a social worker in the streets of Mumbai. They rescued a sexually exploited girl from the Mumbai street, only to discover that no institutions would take her because she was not an orphan. They realized that no home is catered for semi-orphan girl child or to those living in vulnerable situations. The girls were denied admission in home if they had a single parent, despite the fact that the single parent often worked all day, leaving the girl to fend herself or placing her in the care of sexually, physically or emotionally abusive relatives. After witnessing such helplessness, Darshana and her husband were inspired and decided to open a home for orphans and semi orphan children. “The children who are brought to us are in the age group of 5 to 12yrs and are usually found abandoned on station platforms or found begging on the streets. Some of them are orphans others may be children of the prisoners.” says Darshana

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Hum Sath Sath hain was established on October 2, 2010. The house began with three children and is currently having 88 children. Through Darshana and her 17 volunteer supporters they’re providing nutritious meals, including sprouts khichadi, and monthly medical checkup is provided to these kids . Their education too is strongly look into with great enthusiasm. Initially she faced a lot of challenges as its not an easy task to bring the children from the streets to the home that involves a lot of legal documents, other challenge was the lack of family support towards the cause but thanks to Darshana’s husband who was a constant supporter throughout her initiative. It’s also too difficult to find funding of food, clothes and education but she never gives up, she arrange funds through her tuitions, the help of friends and well-wishers

Since all children came to the home from streets so none of them know their birthday therefore they all are celebrating their birthday on 2nd october because the house was established on that particular date. And all festivals are celebrated in hum sath sath hain including Republic day, Diwali, Christmas and Eid. Sometimes Darshana and her team also conducts sports activity. Her aim is to open a classroom for orphans. It is the mission of Darshana to bring abandoned children from the streets to safety and into the loving arms of caretakers that will educate, love and raise them to become future leaders in their generation. However large or small, your donation will really make a difference, says Darshana.

To support Darshana Gohil connect with her at gohildarshana0@gmail.com or call at 08451858273

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