These school students built a toilet for a classmate who didn’t have one at home

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NAGAPATTINAM: In a heart-warming gesture, four Class VIII students from Tamil Nadu’s Nagapattinam District have crowd-funded and built a toilet for a classmate who didn’t have a proper one at home.

Vaseegaran, Rahul, Naveenraj and Harish – all students of SK Government High School in Thethakudi South Village – didn’t hire anyone to build the toilet. They constucted it on their own. Encouraged by their teacher, Veeramani, they collected money from their classmates, after organizing an Independence Day rally to raise awareness about the importance of having proper toilets at home.

Class VIII students building a toilet for their friends. It all began when their friend Agathiyan – who comes from a very poor family – started falling ill frequently, and was forced to miss school often. When they asked him why, he revealed the problem: he didn’t have a proper toilet at home. He even broke down when he showed his friends the diseased skin on his foot. That symptom, just like the spells of fever he’d been suffering from, could be blamed on the poor sanitation facilities in his house.

It was then that the four friends decided to take matters into their own hands. With a bit of encouragement from their teacher, they made a world of difference in their classmate’s life. They also set an example for the people around them, just like their teacher said they would.

News Source: Times of India

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