Sunitha Krishnan – Fighting Back for Woman Trafficking

“ I was 15 when I was gang raped by 8 men ……there was a huge outrageous anger, 2 years I was ostericised, I was stigmatized, I was isolated because I was a victim that what we do to all traffic survivors. We have PHD’s in victimizing a victim”

sunitha krishnan

Dr Sunitha Krishnan is the Founder of Prajwala an organization that serves, rescue and help the victims of human trafficking. Being a rape victim herself at the age of fifteen Sunitha is a very bold and courageous woman. Having rescued almost 10,100 girls over decades from human trafficking she is like a godmother to the children of those who are rescued from this profession that is a 10 million dollar global market across the world. In order to prevent the second generation of those who were led into human trafficking in the year 1996 along with Bro Jose Vetticali Prajwala was founded in the city of Hyderabad.

The aim of the organization is to prevent sex trafficking of women children that is the most prevalent business in the country. During the rescue operations there were very horrific sights that Sunitha had encountered. So many small children as young as 3 years of age are being victimized by those who are are fathers, uncles, brothers, husbands, friends, colleagues etc. The rescue operations were not that easy for this forty-year-old.

“I have been beaten up more than 14 times in my life, I can’t hear from my right ear, I’ve lost a staff of mine who was murdered during the rescue “

Facing problems during rescue does not shackle her courage and she continue to face the challenge. Prajwala is mainly working on five major principles prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and advocacy. More than 200 people are a part of its governing body while some volunteers too come for the interventions that the organization had. Sunitha is trying to create an atmosphere of understanding, love and acceptance for these survivors.

According to Sunitha “It’s very nice for discussions, discourses, making films and everything but its not nice to bring them to our homes, it is not nice to give them employment, it is not nice for our children to study with their children. There it ends. That’s my biggest challenge”. Sunitha is determined and fighting against the violence caused to women and is trying to make the society aware about this ill and bring the victims to a reputed state in the society.

Website: Prajwala

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