These 5 Things will help you combat with the rise in pollution in Delhi/NCR


As the pollution levels are increasing causing threat on the lives of people living in Delhi/NCR, here are 5 easy things that you can do to help you combat with the hazardous situation:

1. Burning Camphor At Home


Camphor holds a very special space in the Hindu homes especially in carrying out the religious pujas and processions. But the special feature of camphor is to purify the air and can really help you combat the problems of pollution.

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Simply take a small piece of pure camphor and put it in the boiling water. The fumes will help in making the air purify. It is highly suitable for asthmatic patients as well as small kids at home.

2. Place Aloe vera Plant at Home


The medicinal aloe vera plant is not only good for curing skin problems but can also work effectively to purify the air in and near to your house. Place the plant and get refreshed with fresh air in this atmosphere of smog.

3. Use of Air Mask


For the working professionals, it is actually getting difficult to walk outside their homes with this smog. A problem in breathing can be cured if you are using an air mask.

4. Remain indoors during Early Morning and Evening


As during the morning time and the evening time the pollution level is higher, it is suggested not to travel out. Keep the children and old people indoors during this time of the day.

5. Increase The Intake of Fruits and Green Leafy Vegetables


To combat with air pollution it is necessary to eat what is good for your lungs. Therefore, try consuming foods like apples, spinach, carrots that are rich in Vitamin A.

Share what you are using to combat with air pollution?

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