The Rejection that gave birth to Urotaar- A Cultural Ngo in Kolkata


The story of Urotaar is no less than an inspiration to the youth of today who have the power to bring the positive change in the society with the help of the cultural awareness activities like street plays, arts and workshops related to the social issues.

The journey of Urotaar from April 2013 till today is all about embarking an impact over the lives of people of Kolkata, slum children as well as underprivileged children across the various Ngo’s for whom Urotaar carries out the special skill building workshops in the field of dramatics and education.


It all began when Moupiya Banerjee, Founder of Urotaar and a student of the renowned theatre personality Late Rama Prasad Banik was refused by quite a few Theatre Groups regarding a particular script considering her amateurish as well as being deprived of showing her skills.

This made Moupiya to take a major decision of forming a group of her own where everyone can show their skills as well as talent without any kind of deprivation as well as dictation of work. It was Sumanta Sarkar who joined Moupiya in her cause as a Co-Founder of Urotaar.


A former HR manager from profession Sumanta too had his bag full of mixed experiences with the Youth, Lack of Moral Values in the society as well as the problem in basic communication in the society. All this made Sumanta leave his job in order to do something for the society in the most creative manner. This is how both Sumanta and Moupiya joined hands and started Urotaar which literally means flying messages and is the only organization in Kolkata which is working towards the Street Theatre form.

Initially, the team comprised was of friends as well as acquaintances but slowly with the course of time people from all nooks and corner of Kolkata as well as Greater Kolkata joined them. The people who connect with them are through social networking as well as among the audience and people of the place from where they performed.


Today through Urotaar, they are organizing street plays on various social causes across India and majorly in Kolkata. Along with it they are carrying out workshops for various NGO’s, slum kids as well as institutes, organizing  cultural and art events in order to celebrate and promote the various kinds of  art and crafts. They have also made a lot of inspiring documentaries on various social issues. The recent one is Rajar Raja which is a motivational workshop for the underprivileged children from Dhapa, a Slum Area in Kolkata.


“The theatre workshops are a real source of motivation to the slum kids who have started taking a keen interest in their studies as well as regular school activities.” states Sumanta.

Talking about the challenges that the organization is currently facing is that of time, as each member belongs to various backgrounds and so they have their own set of priorities as well as engagements but to combat that the organization is always on a flexible mode for the rehearsals. Apart from that location to carry out the awareness street plays is another major issue which they are facing with smiles on their face.

Currently, the organization is collecting funds through crowd funding, monthly subscriptions as well as through the organizations that sometimes hire them to convey the messages on various issues on their behalf.

In the near future, Urotaar is trying to make Street theatre available to various age groups and are trying to extend their reach to various colleges, institutions as well as other parts of the country.

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