Meet the Lady who adopted 40 girls in Konkan and gave them the wings of education

Vaishali konkan

Hailing from a typical Maharashtrian family from Konkan with four sisters and no brother, Vaishali Sarwankar had her share of rejection from society and family members. Since her childhood, she was bold and stood for what is right and what is wrong. She was never taken aback of the fact that I am the girl and I should follow the standard societal protocol. She adopted 40 girls from her native town Konkan.

These are the girls who are from poor families. They are mostly denied of education due to poor financial conditions of the families over their male siblings Vaishali takes care of the educational needs of these girls along with health and hygiene activities. She support them with clothes and other stuff quarterly.

As far as challenges are concerned Vaishali says, “These girls have enough potential to carve a niche for themselves given a platform. When we talk about funding for now I do manage by myself. But I want to bring in more funds and more like minded people to step in and make it large. Today I am helping 40 girls gain knowledge with more people helping the cause we will have 400, 4000, and it will keep rising.“

Completely believing in women empowerment Vaishali, arrange workshops for her female employees wherein she trains them on martial art. As an organization, she invites industry experts to share their experiences with us and hence help them grow. They also arrange grooming sessions for their female employees. 

She believes that through using professional skills and the efforts she can bring the slightest change to the perspective of people towards women. Making each other feel equal empowers everyone in society, and as an individual, she wish to see the same change in the society by empowering girls.

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Latika Wadhwa

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