How Upasana Makati is filling colours in the lives of blinds through White Print

Who says Blind doesn’t lead as normal a life as any of us would?

upasna makati whiteprint

Upasana Makati, the girl behind India’s first lifestyle magazine “White Print” asks this question to the people of the country. Through her innovation she has set an example to the world out there that lifestyle is not only for the people who are having a correct vision but also for those who have a visual disability.

Being into a job as Public Relations Officer this young lass of 24 thought of doing something apart from her counterparts. And here’s her Creative difference that she brought in the lives of Blind people by creating White Print, a magazine that talks and revolves around lifestyle. The magazine includes articles from politics, art and food to the views and opinions of Blind people in the language specially designed for them i.e Braille. Talking about the monotony of life with the people living in National Blind Association that the blinds have to face as there isn’t enough entertaining material in the market written for them she undertook this challenging task to do something creative for them.

The journey though was full of challenges and obstacles but this young achiever out stead all the hindrances and fulfilled her dream. The first challenge tells Upasana was that of registering the title i.e White Print .Twice she had to face the failure of rejection with the name but her strong determination towards achieving her goal made her won in the third time finally after eight months of hard work and even National Blind Association helped her in the publishing of the magazine as it got printed over there. The magazine is also giving a platform for the blind people to share their views and opinions across the country.

The venture is not for charity per se as according to Upasana the blind people are not the poverty stricken people and are done with the act of sympathy and pity so the magazine is being charged with a nominal prize of Rs 30 with each issue. This magazine is also a great contribution to ad world as now advertising will also been done in Braille. The very first issue has the advertising of Raymond spring-summer collection. The aim of White Print is to make it mark at a national level by reaching out to each and every person who is blind.

It was indeed a challenge to bring this aspiration out but if this Mumbai girl could make it achieve why can’t you?. It’s just a matter of strong belief to do something for society.

Think over it again maybe you too can be a changemaker.

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Latika Wadhwa

Latika is the Founder & Chief Editor of MaStyle Care. An ace humanitarian and a storyteller at heart. Latika loves to bring the stories of Changemakers with an aim to spread awareness in the society.