How these Twin brothers at 17 are bringing innovative research in the field of science – An inspiring story of Yash and Yuvraj


The young age of 17 is all about studies, parties and spending time with your gang of friends, but for these two twin brothers Yash and Yuvraj who are studying in Grade 12th at Indraprastha World School, Delhi it is all about the dedicated working towards a dream to bring Nobel Prize to India in science.

The Journey

Though the journey to achieve this dream had already started six years back when they were in the 7th Standard and it was during the inter-school event where both of them had participated. During the event, they got enamoured with the inspiring speech by the Chief Guest who threw light over the issue of lack of researchers in the country like India which has the capability to bring so many noble prizes.

“ We lost that event, we were defeated, but it was the first time when we both felt that we have won in a way. We both got a new direction and a new life started from there. We started reading science fictions, try thinking of a same things from different angles, reading research journals and all.

We use to pen down our areas of interest and our ideas for a particular problem. We use to read about the topics (which we found interesting) from different books higher levels as well from library and from internet too.

We learned the complete process of writing a research paper, about different lab equipments, programming, different embedded systems from internet only.”

Challenges Faced

Since they started as beginners, they faced lot of problems as how to start. They had mailed their queries to lot of professors across institutes but hardly got reply from most of them. The worst thing happened to them when one of their project was copied by someone else due to which they had lost the copyright.

Their Achievements

Despite these challenges the brothers are able to add 22 successful research projects in their kitty. Some of their notable projects were Bajra Purification Project which is all about the removal and extraction of toxic metals from the river and purifying the water by using Bajra. Apart from that, some other major projects include All In One Medical Assistance Machine, Brain Controlled Drone and much more.

They have also presented research papers at many multiple conferences, have won at various events including fairs and Paper presentation at different institutes in India (including IIT’s as well). They have also qualified to represent India at multiple international fairs and Conferences.

Apart from it they both are Officially Selected (Selection Process By Invitation only) for attending one of the best Leadership summit i.e. Novus Summit by United Nations! We are also been recognized as Category A research Scholars by National Science Center, Delhi.


Awards and Recognition

They are also winners of Karamveer Chakra Award and have also given many TEDx talks. They are also speakers at Indian Youth Conclave and also member of Under25 club, will be speaking at under25 Delhi summit.

Even the Ministry of Home Affairs, Department Of Science And Technology have sent letters of appreciation to them for their notable work.

Their constant passion and determination of changing the face of science in India made them start Zenith Vipers, a start up for the students like them who have brilliant ideas and concepts and are looking for a platform to convert them into a reality. They don’t want that the challenges they have faced as beginners are faced by anyone.

Find them on Facebook: Zenith Vipers

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