Who we Are?

MaStyle Care, is a not for profit voluntary organization that works with an aim of spreading awareness about the various social issues prevalent in the society. Completely understanding the fact that due to lack of awareness a lot of social issues emerge out in the country we work towards the goal of providing solutions to these social problems. Through the implementation of successful campaigns and events in the form of workshops, seminars, initiatives(both online and offline) we try to bring a positive change in the society.

Currently we are targeting issues related to women, children, old age, blinds, education, environment and health. With our motto of Collect, Donate and Bring Happiness we try to help the needy of the society. Our volunteers are our great support and strength through whom we are able to embark an inspiring impact on more than 20,000 lives across the country and hope to continue with same in the coming years.

What We Do?

Campaigns (Offline and Online) – We have a range of different campaigns (offline and online ) every month pertaining to one social issue. We try to bring out various initiatives in the campaigns that can be adopted by the society in order to eliminate the social ills.

Social Events – We carry out different kinds of innovative social events on streets, old age homes, orphanages, malls, offices, schools and colleges in order to engage the crowd to do good for the needy in the society. We also connect and collaborate with NGO’s and social enterprises to help them support their initiatives.

Workshops/Meetups – From time to time in order to help the people we carry out discussions, talks, workshops, meetups and seminars on various social issues. We have eminent speakers in the meetups to help and solve the problems of our audience.

Stories of ChangeMakers: Through our online portal we try to bring out the inspiring stories of the ChangeMakers across the country to help them connect with our audience and to get help for their endeavors.

Working Opportunities with us

Volunteering Opportunities: We are always open for the enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who want to bring change in the society. Our volunteers are engaged in work during our events, campaigns and workshops. We also connect the volunteers with other NGO’s where they can teach, conduct educational sessions, help and enhance their volunteering skills.

Social Writer Opportunities: We also offer writing opportunities to writers across the country who are interested to cover social stories of the Change Makers in their city that are published on our website.

Join us in our aim to spread awareness!

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