Akhileshwari Somnath, started educating the have-nots of our Society at a young age of 17

Akhileshwari Somnath

When teenagers across the globe were busy with their tantrums and varied teen-talks, this lady chose to make a difference. Since she was a 17-years-old adolescent, Akileshwari M. Somnath, now a final year student, pursuing her graduation in B.A. (Journalism, Psychology and Literature), understood the importance of education in the upliftment of the society. She believes that she should make use of what little she knows and try her best to alter the adverse conditions of lack of education to underprivileged children.

When asked about her vision, she said, “I was privileged with the gift of education but what about those who are desperate and have no access to it? I would not call them underprivileged. They are just denied of what they deserve.”

Her motivation behind this drive was the responsibility that she felt for these children, hence at a very early age; she started teaching the children of construction site workers in her vicinity. “I enjoyed teaching those rhymes, in fact I used to learn new ones just so that I could teach them”, she happily remarks.

When she was in her late-teens, she vowed to work towards something big, and that made her the youngest volunteer when she signed up for ‘Youth for Seva’, an organisation is involved in conducting classes for the deprived. Her mission became to contribute and bring a positive change in the society by imparting the knowledge she possessed.

Ms. Akhileshwari is a passionate soul who is doing her utmost to become the change that she wants to see in the society. “It was indeed the most memorable months of my life”, she says. She worked with children who just had one meal a day yet wanted to be educated and go ahead. They helped her learn simplicity and humility; she remembers and cherishes the unconditional love they showered on her as she was making her small efforts to give them something they deserved. She has taught over 150 denied kids. And has been pioneer in conducting summer camps in paradigms like (Drawing, Communication Skills, Basic English, Dance).

She is currently working with CRY (Child Rights and You), and is concentrating on creating a permanent change for them by enrolling them in to government schools in order to follow up on their educational statuses. She personally believes that every child has to be educated and needs to have access to proper nutrition and education. She wanted to create a sustainable change in the society, hence she approached CRY for an internship and as she started working for CRY, she realised the potential that people carry, and wishes that it is put in the right place. Her team encountered about six families out of which one child was forced to beg on the streets to contribute to the family income. She actively assists in organizing various surveys, enrolment drives and medical camps for the deserted. Another venture that she feels very closely about is ‘Students for free Tibet’, where in her team campaigns for the voiceless country, which aids in spreading awareness about their current state.

She believes that education is not a preparation for life; it is life itself and thinks that education can bring a remarkable change in a society that is a potpourri of culture and mindsets. She strives to better the lives of children who are shadowed by the dark hours of adversity; she believes that education can be the light that can show them the path for a better tomorrow.

She also wishes to work for women and child abuse and wants to contribute her share of responsibility to those who are trapped in a muted gripe and cannot speak of their troubles.

Ms. Akhileshwari aspires to garner an optimistic environment for children and wants to leave no stone unturned to towards it. She hopes for a change and says, “Everybody has got a purpose, I have found mine, and you have got to find yours.”

With such zealous and strong-minded souls contributing in the present times, we can be rest assured of an educated society that can embark on a journey towards a sustainable future.

To know more about Akhileshwari Somnath https://www.facebook.com/akhila.somanath

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