Why the statement “All men are same” proves wrong in his case

Though we have the courage to raise our daughters more like our sons, we’ve rarely had the courage to raise our sons like our daughters,” says Gloria Steinem.

dhiraj Nirbhay

Dhiraj Kumar Nirbhay , currently pursuing M.Phil in Buddhist Studies has a definitive ideology that is influential enough to impact and create a difference in the existence of women. He is a part of ‘National Commission for Women’ (NCW), a community meticulously devoted towards the cause of women. Many young entrepreneurs trying to identify themselves in this Indian society are associated with the group and a few lawyers and Police Commissioners also play a significant role in achieving the desired ends.

This guy is working with maddening enthusiasm towards the cause rapidly gaining momentum in being reduced as redundant in thought, ideology, speech and action, claims to have resolved 9 cases in the past 2 years. He has rescued girls who were nearly trapped in the cobweb of trafficking.

It is the untimely demise of his sister in early childhood, and thereafter, his support in a village girl with whom he shared a special bond and called her ‘Doli Didi’ who too died after her marriage due to a genetic disease that leads him to restore the lost human glory deserved for a lady irrespective of her caste, color or creed. He says “I do not want to witness another Nirbhaya Case in my remaining life. And to ensure so, I will certainly do the best I can. One has to rise forth from the limited structures of gender to further rise from the gender politics played upon vulnerable sects of women by misogynistic groups.

To fight the battle needs both pen and sword as indeed reflected in history. Dhiraj’s actions, whether his motivational writings or serving a protective shield to women in need justifies the ideology bent upon rekindling the spark amid people requiring re-orienting of the basic concepts of a woman’s consent and her benign dignity. The guy believes in the spirit of peaceful existence and to create a peaceful world, he is ingeniously trying to resolve the age old conflicting sexist hostilities by penning his sagacious thoughts and reaching to people through his articles and his work . India needs many such Dhiraj as the wheels of patriarchy would be dismantled with the shared support of men soldiers in a so called women’s war realistically pertaining to the mankind as a whole.

To contact Dhiraj kumar Nirbhay: +917065483350

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dhiraj.nirbhay

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