We as mothers need to teach our sons right from the beginning to respect women and consider them as equal- Says Anjali Sharma,Co Founder Birthdays N More

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Cases like Rape, Molestation, Domestic Violence, Eve Teasing, Sexual Abuse etc are the dominant issues seeing which the girls of 80’s and 90’s grew up. Sometimes it is cousins, sometimes it is friend’s brother, sometimes in the most horrendous cases your husband who will not let you live your life freely. But what requires as a solution to all these women oriented issues is that the womenfolk themselves have to be active participants in bringing the change in the society.

Anjali Sharma

As per Anjali Sharma, Co Founder Birthdays N More, the mothers have to play a very important role in order to bring the change in the society as they need to teach their boys how to treat the women. They should not objectify women as the mere commodities of pleasure.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology and working in the IT Technology firm it was a matter of great courage and determination for Anjali to leave the known territory of Corporate world behind and take the plunge to do business without having any know how of it and excelling in it.

Birthdays n More is an Event Management Company focusing on kids oriented events such as Birthdays, Baby showers, Corporate events such as Family Days and other Social Events. It was founded in 2013 by both Anjali and her friend as they decided to hang their Corporate boots and pursue their passion. Since then there has been no looking back and they as a person along with the Company have grown by leaps and bounds spreading joy and happiness in many lives.

“It has been a very enriching and fulfilling journey till now in which we have managed to convert our love for something into a job which is both gratifying as well as which gives us both flexibility to give quality time to our kids as well.” says Anjali

Seeing herself as an independent woman she consider herself quite blessed and empowered to take her own decisions and lead her life the way she want to without having to ask or explain herself to anyone.

She tells the womenfolk “Have Faith in yourself and just reach out to anything you aspire for as Sky is the limit for women who truly believe in themselves”.

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