The Woman who is providing assistance to women victims of violence

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Anuja Kapur has proved her excellence in various sectors such as criminology, psychology, social activist, Victimology, and now in the field of criminal law. Media takes her expert view on various social issues. She has given her expertise in writing articles for many social and psychological causes on various leading magazines. Above all, she is the Founder of the NGO Nirbhaya Ek Shakti. Sharing her story with Mastyle Care, Anuja shared her inspiring story with other people of the community.

You are not a victim of women violence then what made you work for these women?

While working for various social causes my inner soul insisted me to do something more as well as different that should be new so I come up with an idea of starting an NGO on July 28, 2014, I founded Nirbhiya Ek Shakti that works for the victims. There have been many NGOs who work for the particular cause. I wanted to make sure that we work for victims of crime and not for a victim of special cause. We believe in Victimology which will provide victim assistance to various victims of crime.

What all services you are providing through Nirbhiya Ek Shakti?

Nirbhiya Ek Shakti is not only an NGO it is the centre of victim assistance.  There are walk in victims related to various social evils like domestic violence, divorce, property, child abuse, sexual abuse. In our NGO, the best part is that it is a one-stop crisis centre where we also provide various assistance also like:

  • Counselling
  • Legal Aid
  • Rehabilitation
  • Vocational Courses
  • Recruitment
  • Apart from this recently we visited a cafe which was run by Acid Attack Survivor and did the counselling of the acid attack survivors to boost their moral.
  • For the Operation Nirbheek of Delhi Police, I visited many Government and Private schools where I gave counselling sessions to all the school students about the “Good Touch and Bad Touch” 

What kind of challenges you faced? How do you manage to overcome them? 

Due to the new concept of the NGO related to victimology so government did not help us much and also they were not fully aware of the fact that what type of NGO is coming up and there were also many organisations who were working for the acid attack survivors but they did not helped us in our cause. From starting to till date we are doing all the assistance, works, charity by our own we have not raised any funds for any of our activity till date it is our sheer hard work and dedication and by God’s grace, we are helping people, assisting them.

What is your vision for your organization? 

I want to make society free of domestic violence, child abuse and want to rub the thinking of the people who do the heinous crimes like acid attacks, rapes etc etc. Recently, due to my hard work and sincerity towards the work North West District Police appointed me as an S.P.O (Special Police Officer) for Delhi Police where special cases of the Police will be hand over to me. 

How  people can contact you for assistance, guidance and support? 

Reach me out at:

Facebook Page: Anuja Kapur


For further info, you can also visit: 

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