This man is providing free of cost education to 62 children in Darjeeling

Ashadip Charitable Trust Pedong

Om Bahadur alias Anber Rai saw miseries and misfortunes very early in his life. His family life was being engulfed by poverty, his school days were not worth remembering. It was the only mouthful of rice to eat and old clothes to wear. The situation could have affected him perversely, but he dared to live that too with an audacious dream. Dream to help those who were just as him.

Anber now in his mid-40s has moreover succeeded in manifesting his dream in a reality. A teacher by profession, he is a real teacher for more than 62 children that he has been educating and giving shelter for the past five years. He gave the name ‘Little Angels Children’s Home’ to his shelter as he says every child is an angel having all the qualities and potential of prospering, only the biased opportunities that society provides to a child stimulates him/her to become either an optimist or a pessimist.

In today’s world where everyone has become more individual than a part of the society, where obligation towards society has been vanished from almost everyone’s mind, Anber stands to deliver his due share of support to the underprivileged. He not only gives shelter but also burdens himself with the responsibility of giving them education, that too a qualitative one. As a primary school teacher, he was very unsatisfied by the quality of public education. Hence, he made his home a school, where he hired 12 teachers, and started educating them with all the extracurricular activities included. He said he himself was amazed when he saw that some were good in singing and some in dance. But he soon realized the government school was dying, and he thought if it died where the students will be employed, they will not be getting any benefits as well. Anber then merged his home school with Primary School where he taught with all 12 teachers that he had employed.

Still financing 62 students who are in different standards and age ranging between 7 to 17 years, and employing 12 teachers with his salary, Anber said his shelter was not an Orphanage, since the children are sons and daughters of people who are very poor hailing from Darjeeling, Sikkim, Dooars, Meghalaya and beyond, who were unable to afford education for their children. His motive is not only to uplift a child but to uplift a whole family out of poverty.

He dreams of getting them the job and higher education too, but he said, with his limited salary and few irregular funding by the local people, it was all he could do.

He needs everyone’s help, and to help him he said one can contact ‘Ashadip Charitable Trust Pedong’ or  him at +919933043017

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Gunjan Rana

Gunjan Rana, lives in Darjeeling and did a Post Graduation on Rural Development. Having a flair for writing he is currently bringing the stories from the hilly terrain of West Bengal and nearby places.