Baby Halder – A Domestic Maid Battling Out the Society Through her writing

                   “Since childhood do work at home, since childhood take care of yourself
                       Since childhood cook food, since childhood serve others
                         Studies were left the day my mother abandoned us, From then on just work
                               and take your own responsibility”

baby halder

Baby Halder, a distinguished writer at 40 is a house maid at the Gurgaon residence of Prof Subodh Kumar(Grandson of Munshi Premchand), who is her mentor as well as a great helping hand in making her what today she is i.e a writer.

Struggles came into Baby’s kitty since childhood as her mother left her and her sister at the mercy of a drunkard father. What is the real reason of her mother’s abandonment was her father due to whom her mother had to suffer a lot and one day she left Baby and her other children by placing a coin on their hand.

After her mother left she used to do all the household chores and then along with her step mother and father she shifted to Durgapur, West Bengal. Afterwards at the tender age of twelve her father got her married off thus turning towards the age old ill of child bride. What was shocking was the fact that the man to whom she was married was 14 years elder to him and was an abusive person. She was succumbed down to domestic violence and very soon became a mother of three kids.

Meanwhile at the other end she had to face a loss of her dear sister who was strangled by her husband in the act of domestic violence in front of her own son. Getting disturbed by everything one fine day in order to escape from all this she along with her children escape to Delhi and took up a profession that is meant for all the poor stricken families in the country-house maid.

But luckily entering into this profession made her met Prof Subodh Kumar, her last employer who saw that during dusting baby used to flip the books kept in his shelves. Seeing Baby having interest into studies he made her learn the language and gave books to read.

After sometime Prof gave her a pen and notebook to penned down whatever she feel like and getting inspired by Taslima Nazreen’s book she created a masterpiece that had not only made her a writer but had also made her the face of all those silent women facing the brutalities. Her first broke was translated in more than 23 languages and from an unknown she has become a known persona among the people of the country.

As her third book is soon to be coming, she willingly choose to serve Tatush(a term to say uncle who is Prof Subodh) as it was because of him she is able to make a mark. Her biggest achievement is that today her children who use to feel ashamed introducing her to their friends can now proudly say we are the kids of a eminent writer.

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Latika Wadhwa

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