With more than 700 medical camps this Bengaluru doctor is making healthcare accessible and inclusive

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The Story

While driving on the busy  road seven years ago,  Dr. Sunil Kumar Hebbi witnessed an accident and the injured person was left bleeding on the road without any medical attention. Unfortunately,  no one came forward to help him. At that moment he felt that being a Doctor it was his moral responsibility to help him and fortunately he  had a first aid fit in his car and i provided him the necessary care. This incident had a very deep impact on Dr Sunil  as he realized that there are many such people who need such medical attention and are not getting the same at the right time. That is when he decided to dedicate his time towards the service of people  who lack access to even the basic health facilities. This motivated him to start the NGO and provide free healthcare to people.

The Journey

Healthcare is basic fundamental right and not a privilege and India lacks in the same. Hence as a solution to provide  free or low cost medical help to people from economically backward class Dr Sunil started this NGO. They conduct medical camps regularly every week, adopt government schools, old age homes, slums and construction sites and provide help to the local community. Through the organization they also provide first aid training, awareness about organ donation, and health talks.


So far Dr Sunil has organised around 700 medical camps which have benefited around 30,000 patients around Bangalore’s  rural and urban areas.


“As you know to do any good initiative we need a team and the first problem i faced was gathering volunteers who had the same bent of mind.” Shortage of medicines, transportation expenses and medical equipment are some other challenges which were faced by the organization. According to Dr Sunil, We started with a team of doctors who were my close frieds and relentlessly pursued the camps in spite of lack of resources but with a strong will to help people. Soon  word spread about us and many others joined us in this noble initiative.

sunil bangalore


The most important impact was that most people did not know what was their actual health problem was, as earlier they used to neglect the problem or do self medication and then wait for it to recover. After the medical camps they were aware of what their actual problem was and got the right medication at a low cost. Also this had an impact on their income as they have become more healthy and would be more effective at work and also did not miss work on any day due to illness.

Future Plans

We intend to reach larger areas around Bangalore and neighbouring villages, tribes and highways. Maybe after some years we want to cover the whole state of Karnataka.

“We have also started a noble scheme ‘Gift of Service’ which offers an opportunity for people to sponsor a medical camp at any old age home or a slum to mark special days such as birthdays, or anniversaries.

To Contact Dr Sunil Kumar Hebbi- Connect @ : +919741958428, +919739459479.

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