This man is giving second life to the needy through organ donation drives

organ donation drive

“Live life, pass it  on ” is a mantra  which Mr. Purushottam Pawar firmly believes in. India is a land of diverse cultures and faiths where donation of body parts is still a taboo. According to him, there is lack of awareness and  hesitation  in accepting the idea of organ donation due to  the religious faith.

After his father’s death, he wished to donate his father’s body. But his family did not approve of his idea and boycotted him. This incident was imprinted on his mind. Determined to undertake the noble cause of spreading awareness regarding body, organs, eyes and skin donation in the society,  he founded ‘Bapusaheb Patil-Pawar trust’.

Since, the past 5 years he has been striving for this initiative. He says, ” I am always available whenever the need be to help the donor or the patient”. All these donations need to be done within 6 hours of the death of the person. In case of organ donation, 9 vital organs can be donated. One person can give life to 9 people. He is always in contact with various hospitals and groups. Whenever he gets a call regarding a death of a person who was willing to donate any part of his body, he rushes out with his team to see to it that the whole process is done smoothly.

organ donation

At times, even the doctors aren’t aware about the process and this causes a major hindrance. ” At times, we have to explain to them the various laws which validate organ or eye donation which is time consuming. Precious hours are lost and all our efforts go in vain” says Mr.Pawar. At such times, he feels helpless. Also, there aren’t any standardised laws which specify the age of the donor for eyes. Also, in the case of an accident, the donations can’t take place without the NOC of the police personnel which is extremely tedious and sometimes they demand money. As body donation is  carried out only in government run hospitals which are few in number, it creates a huge hurdle.

But the crux of the whole problem is religion. Religion holds back people from donating their organs, body, eyes or skin. The  belief systems and various superstitions stub the growth of this noble cause.

Apart from this, Mr. Purushottam Pawar, is instrumental in the various welfare programmes for senior citizens since many years. Also, medical appliances  like wheel chair, water bags, oxygen masks etc wort Rs 50,000 are provided to people free of cost whenever they are in need of medical aid. It helps to cut down the patient’s expenses at the hospital and ensures a safe, comfortable stay at home.

A businessperson by profession with a strong sense of social responsibility, Mr. Purushottam Pawar, runs all these initiatives financially, by himself. All he needs, is volunteers to broaden the reach of these initiatives and  support from the government agencies to speed up the process.

He is a person who sees God in people who aid the needy and believes that helping people is a religion. He staunchly believes that, “Helping hands are holier than praying lips.”

To contact Mr.Purushottam Pawar- 9822049675

Website: click here

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